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January 2, 2016 0 Comments

Building A New Home For Our Quail

After some serious clearing over on the South East side of the garden, we’ve finally decided on a spot for the quail and have made a start on their new enclosure.

Quail Enclosure 01We have chosen this location because it’s close to the office making it easy for us to keep an eye on them and we won’t have very far to walk when feeding, cleaning and collecting eggs etc. Actually, if truth be told it’s probably more to do with the fact that we just love watching them.

Quail Enclosure 02It is a North-facing wall but it’s very sheltered and should be very secure when it’s finished.

Quail Enclosure 03Also, due to the fact that this area is against a North-facing wall, this bed will be in shade most of the time – particularly in winter, so at the moment we don’t have any plans to use it for growing crops (although that might change in time).

More pics to come when it’s finished and the quail have been installed.



Quail enclosure 004The quail enclosure is now finished and the quail have finally moved in!

quail enclosure 005I think they were a little agoraphobic at first given that their old enclosure was a lot smaller and had a roof.

I’m happy to say that they seem to have settled in nicely now and have been exploring their new home.

Like all quail, they love spending as much time possible in their dust bath!

Also like most quail, they are experts at hiding and at times almost impossible to see even when you nearly stand on them!

We’re planning to put a few silkies in with them soon in the hope that they will brood some of the quail eggs so we’ll give an update on that if/when it happens.

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