Bird Flu

February 25, 2017 0 Comments

For any poultry keepers out there, we hope the bird flu restrictions aren’t causing you too Building the Poultry Runmany problems? Hopefully, things will change for the better at the end The poultry run in the polytunnel at The edible gardenof this month and we can all get back to normal.

If like us you don’t happen to have a nice big barn to keep your chickens in it can be quite an issue when something like bird flu happens. Our immediate solution was to move our chickens into our polytunnel. It got them indoors but the downside was that the polytunnel isn’t fox proof and they took up a lot of valuable space needed for growing beds.

One bonus though was that our chickens did a Chickens In Fruit Cagefantastic job of clearing and fertilising the ground that will eventually become a new bed. Our longer-term solution was to build a fruit cage in the orchard (something we were going to do this year anyway) to house the chickens.

Bird flu aside, isn’t it good to see the days getting longer, and dare I say, a little warmer too? Even so, I think there’s probably a fair bit of wintry weather left to come over the next month or two so it wouldn’t be wise to put away your long johns and get out the deckchairs just yet.

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